30 October 2008


the mister and i enjoyed this amazing seafood dinner at clemente's on the corner of marine drive in astoria. thoughout our entire meal, b just keep saying..."wow...wow." he was so happy and this made me happy. a perfect end to an incredible day spent at the ocean.

27 October 2008

headed for the beach

up late night packing for portland and a trip to the ocean.

26 October 2008

oh my

i'm patiently waiting for these two beauties to arrive in my anthro store. i can already feel them hugging my neck and keeping me warm on those cold wintery salt lake days. are you coming? i'd like to meet you soon.

20 October 2008

reddish orange

i bought my first pumpkin pie today. the first of many! i have to admit its one of my most favorite treats. i'd happily forgo any of my three meals to just have a generous wedge of pie. its that good.

17 October 2008

free fall

nature always has a gentle way of reminding me to embrace change and gracefully let go. little by little i've been noticing the slow transition from green to yellow. and then all of a sudden...overnight...the cityscape is golden. its time to press on, breath in the beautiful warm light and look forward to new ideas and growth. "stay gold, ponyboy, stay gold."

16 October 2008

so good

i've had this recipe on my baking list for such a long time. hence, when i was gifted a large bag of blueberries last night i knew i couldn't delay any longer. buckwheat blueberry bundt cake goodness. it was so delicious...i had to make two. one to keep and one already posted to special loved ones. don't wait. make one tomorrow. thank you molly.

07 October 2008

hello october

oh, autumn. your warm colors have me dreaming of pumpkin pie and hot apple cider. i have beening patiently waiting for you. i'm noticing yearnings for warm bowls of soup, homemade bread and cups of evening tea. its necessity to greet your crisp, cool mornings and evenings with wool scarves, hats and gloves and time to pick out a new pair of winter boots.