25 December 2008

merry, merry

merry christmas to all and to all a good night

23 December 2008


i have so many fond memories of spending the weekend before christmas with my sweet grandma. we would bake dozens of the most delicious cookies to share on christmas day. i know my very favorite was her batch of springerle. a centuries-old, anise-flavored german christmas cookie made using a decorative, carved wooden rolling pin. and my second favorite, for sure ..... sugar cookies. i just love the frosting and the sprinkles.

16 December 2008

cranberry goodness

i know the sweetest, little, eighty-three year old german woman named ursala who is an amazing artist in the kitchen. each and every tuesday, i pick up five mason jars of her homemade soup to share with my friends. the best part is when she invites me to stay for a cup of espresso made with goat's milk and treats me to a slice of her delicious spelt breads or pastries. i was really lucky today to find her putting the finishing orange zest glaze over her christmas bread. pure melt in your mouth delight made with spelt flour, ground almonds, fresh cranberries, gee and a whole lot of time and love. thank you ursala.