21 April 2009

"wherever you are is called Here"

there are so many things about the ocean that make me happy. i bring all the beauty and messiness of who i am to her shores and find a place where i can truly be. i'm learning to trust that i am where i'm suppose to be right now. i won't always be here but what i see is nothing short of beautiful.

20 April 2009

the last supper

we spent our last night gathered around the fire sharing stories
and roasting marshmellows.


wandering the beach reminds me just how much i love to explore, how much i love to watch those little sandpipers run in and out of the waves searching for food, how much i love to see the tide scatter little treasures all along its sandy shores and how much i hold dear all the gifts the ocean brings me.


morning, afternoon and night:
starbucks lattes, wandering third street promenade, olive mary janes, walking on the beach, olas mexican, driving pch 1, bel aire hotel, drinking bloody marys, lemon and orange trees,
embracing my new friends trudy and mary, pepperdine, listening to dale play the piano, trader joes, savoring homemade lemon meringue pie, literati cafe, standing still in the memory garden, dolphins, touring with marge, laughter, sampling delicious k-chocolatiers, black beans and pico, drawing and painting...and much, much more.

19 April 2009

broad beach road

i am a lucky girl. truly a once in a lifetime backyard to play in
and bed to dream in. sweet, sweet dreams.

millie jane

to know her is to smile, to smile a lot...at her beauty, generosity, passion for life, at her humor, wisdom and warmth. she's the one you instantly fall in love with and want to be her friend. she's an amazing artist, mother and mentor who shines joy on countless others. and, to know her is to feel like you have found the biggest treasure in your world everyday.

18 April 2009

"always changing, never twice the same"

an unbelievable feast of art, modern architecture, beautiful gardens and a delicious lunch at the cafe.

17 April 2009


good morning. i just finished packing for my trip. i wish i could take you with me. i'm off to find a bright blue sky and a beautiful friend who i just adore. i can't believe the day is finally here and that this afternoon i will be listening to the sounds of the ocean, enjoying the sand on my bare feet and laughing with sweet millie. it should be a joyous time.

07 April 2009


this morning, i was lucky enough to share coffee and breakfast with one of my favorite friends. i can't help but believe that we are kindred spirits. she just exudes beauty and sweetness and i find myself always smiling and laughing when i am with her. i am continually reminded how blessed i am to have so many talented and creative friends in my life. check out her beautiful photos, i especially love the window ones.

we've been gifted a sunny seventy degree day. so i spent most of the afternoon soaking up the warmth preparing our flower bed for the five ranunculus plants and the peonies and iris bulbs i bought at the garden store. my spirit always receives the healing and nourishment it needs when i dig in the dirt and notice the riches of nature all around me. its been a joyous start to the season.

05 April 2009

hello, are you here?

i'm welcoming you with wide open arms stretched high up to the sky,
eager to embrace your warmth and delight in longer days filled
with growth and possibility.

my spring manifesto:

+ take more walks along the river with my little ones

+ start prepping the garden soil & plant some pretty flowers

+ clean out my closet & unclutter my workspace

+ lay on a blanket in the backyard & listen to the birds with my eyes closed

+ hang a collection of art above my couch

+ finish knitting the winter scarf i started

+ spend two mornings a week painting at the studio

+ write & post more cards and letters (i love receiving them)

+ devote time for coffee & pastries with new & old friends

+ start a collaboration project

+ celebrate some tiny thing each day

i'm ready and i know you are too.

01 April 2009

the sky

and the ground this morning.