25 May 2009

miss grace

we celebrated her first birthday.
it was her first fishing trip and one of many puppy parties.
happy birthday miss grace.

20 May 2009

slow ride

i took a trip two tuesdays ago on the train.
i needed a break and it felt nice to get away.
i went to visit b's mama and to wish her a happy mother's day.
it was a glorious day of eating, sharing stories and laughing until my sides hurt.
sometimes all i need is to be close to those i love.

19 May 2009


i can't remember the last time i heard thunder. oh, how i love the beautiful low rumblings of dark clouds colliding high above my head. as a little girl, i loved sitting on the front porch during summer thunderstorms just listening to those sounds, watching the rain fall and delighting in the magic of lightening.
today, i felt that joy.

15 May 2009

mr. mcgregors garden

the tomatoes, squash, lettuce, spinach, cilantro and jalapenos are planted.
there will be plenty of fresh salad and pico de gallo to share.

want to come to a late summer backyard picnic?

13 May 2009

my birthday

sugar and milk and everything nice that's what birthdays are made of.

i woke up this morning filled with a new sense of wonder.
i planted flowers and vegetables in the garden and soaked up the sun.
and, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world holding my new camera.

wishes do come true!

10 May 2009

flowers and kisses

(sweet grandma's house)

happy mother's day.
today we celebrate you and all the sweet joy and beauty that comes from being close to you. you're the one who has always been there and the one we have never doubted loved us. and truly, we celebrate you everyday for as long as we live, you live as a part of us.
hugs & kisses, j and b

04 May 2009

happy may

my find joy list...
one. learn how to ride our scooter
two. cook one new recipe each week
three. spend more time outside