26 January 2009

finding winter

"love the winter. don't betray it. be loyal.

when the spring gets here, love it too--and then the summer.

be loyal to the winter, all the way through--all the way, and with sincerity--or you'll find yourself high and dry, longing for a spring that's a long way off, and winter will have abandoned you, and in her place you'll have cabin fever, the worst.

the colder it gets, the more you've got to love it."

~rick bass fr. winter - notes from montana found http://www.kerismith.com/blog/

20 January 2009


i'm making an h
onest attempt to include more fruits and vegetables into my daily meals. oh, oh how i love treats...especially in the evenings. goodbye candy, cookies, icecream. i might only enjoy our love affair on rare occasion.
the euphoria eventually has to subside. right?

17 January 2009

me and mr. mishkie

in 2008, i learned (and i'm still learning) to take a moment each day to raise my arms up high and smile at the sky. [thanks jen]

my life is filled with countless beauty and gifts. on my journey, i hope to move through this world a little more slowly with plenty of grace and peace. the mysteries of 2009 are beyond imagining and if we listen to the voices of our hearts they will be real and true and rarely what we expect.

warm wishes to you.

13 January 2009


my favorite breakfast.

01 January 2009

happy, happy

happy new year to you!
i'm eager to begin this year 2009. hello, hello. its nice to make your acquaintance. its time for some small and big changes to grace me....a reawakening, a rebirth of creative energy. i have high hopes for more time spent in the studio painting and maybe even a new camera.
may all your dreams come true.

(2009 banner a gift from shanna and betsy at
hellohandmadepaperie.etsy.com. thank you!)