13 February 2012

sweet honey

this day was glorious!

and the many days that followed. i was spoiled by a beautiful and talented friend who continually inspires me with her flowers, photography, aesthetics and travel adventures. she has an amazing way of finding beauty in the small and simple moments and when you are with her, you just can't help but smile.

thank you sarah.


04 February 2012


you captured my heart.


02 February 2012


we went out for a lunchtime whale watch, which turned into a once in a lifetime
show of three to four hundred spinner dolphins. it was spectacular.
jump and spin and play with the whales.
they did.


01 February 2012

ahi, ahi

we ate. we ate good food.

+ ahi, yellowtail, shiromi, shrimp, salmon, tamago, tako nissei sushi boat

+ maui gold pineapple glazed pork chop with moloka'i sweet potato, jicama salad, chutney

+ mussel poke

+ pistachio-wasabi crusted rare ahi

+ tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich, green olives and island explorer binoculars

+ panko crusted ahi sashimi roll with soy wasabi butter sauce

+ italian cold cut sandwich with swiss, lettuce and sriracha mayo

a small sample. so, so good everyday.