11 June 2009

a bit of yellow

they smell so good.

09 June 2009

on the dairy

sometimes...i let myself get dizzy by all the tiny little details and forget to take a deep breath and open myself up to countless possiblities. i wondered whether a visit to b's parents for a short overnighter would be worth the eight hours i would spend driving in the car.

and had i not...i would have missed a delicious catfish dinner at the snake river grill, a peaceful nights sleep, a walk into town for a ham and havarti sandwich and iced raspberry tea, the curious first meeting of grace, mishka and all those cows, an afternoon spent visiting with grandma and grandpa, the warmth, comfort and love i feel just be close to b's parents, the small gifts of yellow roses from grandma's yard and a bag full of rhubarb from grandpa's garden, sitting on the back porch enjoying the wide open landscape of pasture and cornfields, singing in the car and seeing eight beautiful rainbows on my drive home.

these are the moments that remind me of why i do what i do. these are the moments that matter. these are the memories that i will cherish when i get
dizzy again.
it was definitely worth it.

03 June 2009

worm sandwiches

we had a great weekend. b loves being by the water and he's the happiest when he's fishing. the cooler is always packed with yummy sandwiches, chips and drinks for our picnicking pleasure. but, the most important piece in the cooler is the small white styrofoam container filled those long, fat, juicy worms napping in that dark, moist soil. a little worm, a bright colorful marshmallow and another little worm. he calls it a worm sandwich and its a true picnicking delight for all those hungry, unsuspecting trout in the lake.

01 June 2009


i love:
this flower.
this artist and these paintings.

happy june!