25 June 2011


damn you look good.
photos delivered here in 3 minutes.

one stop, on one magical day.
a heart on my latte, how did she know?

24 June 2011


the beetnik - ciabatta roll with roasted beets, ricotta, mint, lemon and arugula
the gallego - sardine, fennel and hot pepper slaw on a toasted ciabatta roll
spring soup - peas, mushroom, asparagus, spinach, garlic
salmon carpaccio and sea scallop
pickled beet stems and the most refreshing pear cider

23 June 2011

silver falls

the trail of ten falls - 8 miles
+ south falls (177 feet)
+ middle north falls (106 feet)
+ north falls (136 feet)

i couldn't imagine that one would be more magical or spectacular
than next or the next or the next.

22 June 2011

soter vineyards

mineral springs ranch - willamette valley.
fully sustainable.

a private pairing of wine and hand churned strawberry ice cream.
an explanation point on the whole day.


a must everyday but a very special treat in the pearl district.
i love.

21 June 2011

olympic provisions charcuterie

+ mixed greens, fine herbs, sunflower seeds, grana padano, red wine vinaigrette
+ salamis, pork rillette, pickled egg, idiazabal cheese, grain mustard, bread
+ shaft's aged blue, bucheron, strawberry preserves, bread
+ potato salad

we sat, laughed and savored every last bite.
the magic of passing a simple hour together enjoying an everyday moment.
it was all pretty grande.

20 June 2011

pix patisserie

top shelf liquors in a crystallized sugar shell dipped in chocolate.

one taste is all it took. we had to go back a second time to sample the macarons
as well another chardon or two.


i didn't mind just enjoying the smile on his face while he dined. it was heavenly.
i ate take-out cha cha enchiladas in the car en route to our next stop.


19 June 2011

on the road

miles and miles to go.


12 June 2011

love of peony

nineteen long hours and at the end of it all,
it became beautiful again.