20 January 2011


it was all about escaping the snow and cold temperatures. it was about sunshine, blue sky, swimsuits and the greenest landscape we'd seen in months. but mostly, it was about whale watching for my first time. this i know: i love the ocean. i love swimming with all those colorful fish and especially the sea turtles who embody the word grace. but what i didn't know, is that i would fall in love with the whales. those beautiful humpback mama's and babies and male suitors. just the exhilaration and anticipation of seeing them spouting, breaching, pec/tail slapping and sky hopping was amazing. i could not keep my eyes off the water.

19 January 2011

the beach

we're practically professionals at laying around, snorkeling, boogie
boarding and building sand castles. i really needed this.

18 January 2011

village trails

we've done a lot of laying around here balanced with a daily rigorous morning hike. a steep climb with stunning views and a hidden lake at the top. an adventure brimming with snails, singing birds, colorful flowers, innumerable beautiful monarch butterflies, ducks, fish and the greenest landscape. invigorating.

17 January 2011

the gazebo

to start our stay...banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup and whipped cream, fresh squeezed pog (pineapple, orange, guava) and big kahuna omelets...all served in a tiny grass shack with an amazing view of the bay. mostly, looking at the color of the sky and the water and feeling the warmth of the sun that first morning is something i won't forgot. not ever.

10 January 2011


five days and anxiously counting.

01 January 2011

new years day

its become tradition.

good cheer

in this home.
we dined.
under this amazing light.
toasting the new year!
with beautiful friends.

a heartfelt thank you for the memories
and lovely friendship i share with each of you.
what a year it has been.