25 December 2010


merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

26 November 2010

i awoke this morning
with devout thanksgiving
for my friends, the old and new.
ralph waldo emerson

25 November 2010


i am thankful for a bounty of goodness.
i am thankful for each day with the love of my life and our sweet little one.
i am thankful for our beautiful families and our individual and collective journeys.
i am thankful for the warmth and kindness of friends.
i am thankful for the place we call home.
i am thankful for possibility, creativity and endless dreams.
i am thankful for pumpkin pie and the farmers who provide food for our table.

i am thankful for you.
love and warm wishes this cold, cold night.

16 November 2010

feeling a little restless lately.

anyone dreaming of far away places?

16 October 2010


inspired by this beautiful friend to let go.

01 October 2010


it is in the beginnings of autumn that i am truly grateful for summer and her generous months long offering of warmth. for without her, we would not feast on our bounty of fresh garden delights. we've been savoring roasted beet salad, garlic and lemon sauteed kale, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, butternut squash soup and zucchini fritters. yum.

07 September 2010


i'm looking forward to seeing what Fall has to share. i welcome sweaters, starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, tights, crisp nights and early mornings, boots, winter squash, plaid patterns, leaf crunching...may it be a happy one.

what are you welcoming?

25 August 2010

bathing suits requested

we've been marking the last days of summer with celebration...a swim party, a movie on the big screen, a pizza picnic in the park and a sweet, candle lit birthday. it has been joyous. the air has a new crispness and i'm beginning to welcome it with thoughts of warm sweaters and tights. it won't be long before it will be fall.

29 June 2010

next store

first there was kenny and zukes.
then there was stumptown coffee roasters.
and then there was the lobby of the ace hotel.

27 June 2010

rocky pools

we spent hours wandering the beach, exploring the tide pools, picking up small seashells, driftwood, colored stones and admiring the pure beauty of it all. i'm telling you, i was in awe at the abundance of mussels and barnacles attached to the rocks. oh so many, so so many.

26 June 2010

i account it

...high time to get to the sea as soon as possible.
herman melville

black and white

24 June 2010

hello summer

she's finally here and we officially welcomed her in by throwing a celebration of sorts. there's no better way to start the summer off than to take a road trip to the ocean. three, four, five loud cheers for fresh seafood and a long walk on the beach. more to come.....

13 June 2010

day trip

to the mountains. oh so grand.