31 March 2011

the summit

oh how good it feels to have lunch with one of my favorite people
while being served by my favorite.

15 March 2011

a feast

+ dry smoked barbecue ribs
+ homemade coleslaw & cornbread with honey butter
+ a long, windy walk
+ jambalaya
+ root beer floats
+ two movies
+ shredded beef taco & enchilada
+ arugula salad with pine nuts, gorgonzola & granny smith apple
+ an hour spring forward
+ waffles made from scratch & fresh strawberries
+ air popped popcorn with butter
+ lots of breathing space

11 March 2011

she and i

she and her kitty slept while i rode my little heart out on the spin bike.

08 March 2011


more snow.
those lovely peeks of tulips and crocus.
no more. they're covered in snow.

04 March 2011


running down by the river again
and feeling spring creeping towards its glorious day of celebration.
the clouds were big and billowy and the sun so, so warm.
i'm eagerly awaiting that magical day.