31 January 2012

the ocean

how can it be? everyday i admire her, swim with her, watch her.

there are moments when she is calm and meditative and times when she is intense and angry. and you know what, it reminded me that life is and i am a collection of all these moments.

and all added up, she and i are pretty grand everyday.


30 January 2012


you are beautiful.


29 January 2012

honolua bay

there is so much one can do but on most days we do very little. we woke up early, bought fresh poke from the market and drove to our favorite overlook for breakfast. these are the days we'll remember sitting quiet on the edge of the cliff, peering down on the most spectacular coral reef and watching the surfers ride wave after wave of the most intense turquoise blue ocean.


23 January 2012


our first breakfast. macadamia nut pancakes with white chocolate drizzled in coconut syrup, veggie benedict, big kahuna omelets and pog (pineapple, orange, guava juice). its become tradition. a warm, sweet welcome that helps take away the jet lag and shouts our arrival.
we're here. we're really here!


22 January 2012

13 January 2012


much needed.
lunch today. by myself.


08 January 2012


out on the trail.
not many days left to get in swim suit shape.


07 January 2012


it finally snowed!
i was so happy to see the landscape change overnight to white.
i spent the morning shoveling and imagining building snowmen in various shapes and sizes.
maybe, just maybe its time to keep those winter boots and hats close again.