06 November 2008

sneak peak

winter are you really this close? i woke up to a white blanket of snow covering everything.

04 November 2008

bravo one

before heading to the airport and saying our sad goodbyes to portland, b and i decided to make one last journey into downtown. we happily discovered stumptown coffee roasters on division street next to the famous ace hotel. my latte was a amazing. the best i've ever had, really.

gate b1. home again. hello salt lake. hello sweet little grace. i have missed you so. today, i'm believing in the hope and promise of america on this election day. a very important day in our history. obama bravo!

01 November 2008

fall falling

sweet sugar

still thinking about this early morning breakfast from Blue Scorcher Bakery Café. a charming little cafe set up on astoria's hillside with huge windows that look out to the columbia river. all of their pastries are made from scratch with organic ingredients. two pieces of challah bread soaked in eggs and cream. so, so yummy. portland, puglee, two tarts and zuki. pure sweetness all day long.