26 September 2009

16 September 2009

her glow

tonight i am enjoying a rare moment of quiet. a moment where i can rest my tired feet, eat only french fries for dinner, let the world fall away and give myself some much needed time alone. as fall's almost here, i've been feeling nostalgic and dreaming of crisp, cool evenings under starry skies huddled close to a campfire. oh how i love a good fire. undoubtedly, she always wraps her warmth around me, calms my worries and lets me focus on life's most important bits.

08 September 2009

end of summer

oh hi there. happy tuesday.
how are you?
how was your holiday weekend?

oh i think the last days of summer are upon us.
autumn for me is about shorter days, late night walks under the stars,
craving baked treats and comfort foods, layering clothing and finding
warmth under blankets.

i tried this amazing recipe. its truly melt in your mouth good.
we ate it last night for dessert and i went back to the store again today
to buy more berries.

+++ i mistakenly added 1 cup of buttermilk to my batter instead of the 1/2 cup on the recipe. it made the cake heavier - almost bread pudding texture. pure delight. i definitely would add the full cup again.

we're off for a walk and maybe, just maybe a wish upon a falling star.

04 September 2009

an extended visit

to his space.
to paint.