25 February 2009

forty days

today...a little early spring cleaning in the yard, a walk down by the river, pausing to view an amazing rainbow and eight geese swimming upstream in a perfect line, finding not one but two lucky quarters, enjoying a late afternoon coffee....and celebrating the first day of lent. forty days (really forty six until easter) without sweets and instead lots of the above. please, wish me luck. i can only dream of sugar plum fairies dancing in the land of sweets.
what are you giving up?

20 February 2009

pure lovely.

+ inspiring me and making me happy:

my amazingly talented friend, chelsea james, is opening next friday night at coda gallery in park city. this is a small glimpse of the many beautiful landscape paintings she will be showing. i love her colors, mark making, layering of paint and especially the emotion that each piece evokes. i am so excited for her and can't wait to attend. please don't miss this one, february 27th 6-9 pm.

also, her lovely website.

14 February 2009

be mine, all mine

dearest family & friends,
happy valentines. i hope you all have a day
filled with joy, laughter & of course, LOVE.

find your heart and give it away.
my heart is with you.


13 February 2009

sweet dreams

i will lay my head with you until the day i die.

12 February 2009

plenty to share

"all love is sweet, given or returned."

-- percy bysshe shelley

07 February 2009

his day

happy birthday my sweet love.
had you not been born on this seventh day of february, who knows where i would be. everyday, i love you. twelve full years of laughter and tears.
i've loved it all. may all your wishes come true!

02 February 2009

punxsutawney phil

"the bright sky above me shows my shadow before me,
and six more weeks of winter it will be."

prediction on gobbler's knob in punxsutawney, pennsylvania